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Since the beginning of the pandemic in our country, the three branches of government (judicial, legislative and executive) in New Brunswick have coordinated their efforts to enforce public health measures in courthouses. New Brunswick courts had to adapt their operations to the pandemic context. The measures they adopted on March 16, 2020 were later amended in response to changes in government policy.

As of midnight on July 30, 2021, the Province of New Brunswick is lifting the state of emergency it initially declared on March 19, 2020 under the Emergency Measures Act. As a result, government restrictions to entry into courthouses and other public health measures for court facilities will also be lifted at that time. In anticipation of these changes throughout the province, we have adopted joint guidelines that will apply in our courtrooms as of August 3, 2021. These guidelines are intended to continue to limit the spread of the coronavirus and its variants and to protect the health of participants in the justice system, court employees, and other members of the public, while maintaining access to justice. These guidelines are outlined in the COVID-19 notice posted on this page.

In addition to these guidelines, the three levels of court have adopted directives to address the ongoing COVID-19 situation in their respective courts. We urge anyone who plans to attend a court proceeding to read the information on that court’s home page and to carefully follow the instructions.

Best wishes to everyone.

J.C. Marc Richard, Chief Justice of New Brunswick
Tracey K. Deware, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench
Jolène Richard, Chief Judge of the Provincial Court

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal of New Brunswick
is the highest court in the Province.

It is the last avenue of appeal, except in a few cases where a further appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is possible.


Court of
Queen's Bench

The Court of Queen’s Bench hears all matters within the domain of family law.

Probate Court

The Probate Court deals with matters involving wills and estates of deceased persons.

Provincial Court

This court is the entry point for all persons charged with offences under the Criminal Code or other federal or provincial legislation.